The jones family plans a trip to the amusement park

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The Jones family plans a trip to the amusement park and purchase a family package for $128.00

They also want to buy lunch and souvenir cups. The chicken platter costs $8.50 each and the burger
platter costs $9.50 each. The souvenir cups each cost $10.00, which includes unlimited refiis. Mr.
and Mrs. Jones have a budget and are trying to decide who will order which platter and who will buy a
souvenir cup. Let x represent the number of chicken platters, y represent the number of burger
platters, and z represent the number of souvenir cups. Which of the following algebraic expressions
can be used to describe the amount of money the Jones family will spend, before sales tax, based on
the number of each meal and souvenir cups they purchase?


The algebraic expressions that can be used to describe the amount of money the Jones family will spend, before sales tax is given by: Option C-128+8.50x+9.50y+10z

How to form mathematical expression from the given description?

You can represent the unknown amounts by the use of variables. Follow whatever the description is and convert it one by one mathematically. For example if it is asked to increase some item by 4 , then you can add 4 in that item to increase it by 4. If something is for example, doubled, then you can multiply that thing by 2 and so on methods can be used to convert description to mathematical expressions.

For this case, we're provided that:

  • Jones family purchase a family package for $128.00
  • The chicken platter costs $8.50 each and
  • The burger platter costs $9.50 each
  • The souvenir cups each cost $10.00
  • x represent the number of chicken platters
  • y represent the number of burger platters
  • z represent the number of souvenir cups

1 chicken platter = $8.50

x chicken platter = 8.50 + 8.50 + ... + 8.50 (x times) = 8.50\times x dollars

Similarly, we get:
y burger platters =  9.50\times y dollars

z souvenir cups =  10\times z dollars

Total money spend on food before tax = Family package cost + food cost

= 128 + 8.50x+9.50y+10z (in dollars)

(we don't write symbols like of currency generally, and understand it from context. Also, sign of multiplication is often hidden if there are non numeric symbols and numbers being multiplied are written together)

Thus, the algebraic expressions that can be used to describe the amount of money the Jones family will spend, before sales tax is given by: Option C-128+8.50x+9.50y+10z

Learn more about forming equations here:

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