The difference between representative money and fiat money is that

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The difference between representative money and fiat money is that

A.) representative money can be converted into silver or gold; fiat money cannot.
B.) representative money is worth more per dollar than fiat money, which is actually worthless
C.) fiat money is counted in coins; representative money is counted in paper money
D.) fiat money is more traditional than representative money, which is a newer concept


Option A. Representative money can be converted into silver or gold ; fiat money can't be, is the correct answer.

The representative word itself shows that it represents something else. The representative money have no intrinsic value on its own but it represents something which has an intrinsic value like gold or silver. It is a claim on a commodity like gold certificates. On the other hand Fiat money is a legal tender backed by government like currencies in most countries of the world.

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