Facts and figures related to a problem are known as

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Data are:_________.

a) information collected by a source other than the company itself used to determine the best possible solution to a marketing problem
b) facts and figures related to the problem that are divided into two main parts: secondary data and primary data
c) subjective psychographic feelings collected by an organization upon which it bases subsequent marketing actions
d) facts and figures related to the problem that are only available for purchase from the federal government.
e) objective demographic characteristics collected by an organization upon which it bases subsequent marketing actions.



B. facts and figures related to the problem that are divided into two main parts: secondary data and primary data


Data is referred to as facts and figures or in general information that is used as basis for reasoning and calculations and important in decision making. There are two main parts of data

1. Primary Data

2. Secondary Data.

Primary data are data collected by the investigator or researcher or agency for a specific purpose. They are first hand data. They include surveys, observations, experiments, questionnaires and so on.

Secondary data are data collected by someone else for some other purpose but being used by the investigator for another purpose. They are fabricated data. They include books, journals, articles and so on.

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