What is the suggested carbohydrate intake for male per meal

Posted By Admin @ November 26, 2022


What is the suggested carbohydrate intake for male clients per meal?

2 palm portions
2 cupped handfuls
1 cupped handful
1 palm portion


Answer:2 cupped handfuls


To gauge food portions practically and correctly without  carrying around weigh-scales measuring cups or dietary calculators, Nutritionist have developed a more practical method using the hand and the ability to count.

For clients who want to keep fit using a diet plan, they have been taught to use  thier  palm to  determine thier protein portions, thier  fist for veggie portions, cupped hand for carb portion and thier thumb for fat portions.

For Male client , it is recommended that they use 2 cup handfuls portion for carbohydrate foods and 1cup handful portion for female Clients.

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