How much profit was generated by the sales of gold

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How much profit was generated by the sales of gold label and black label combined?


The profit genereted  by the sales of gold label and black label combined is the sum of the profits generated by the sales of gold label and of the profits generated by the sales of black label.

1. From the table

\begin{array}{ccc}&\text{Number of bottles sold}&\text{Average profit (per bottle)}\\\text{Gold label}&1,000&\$2.75\end{array}

you can find the profits generated by the sales of gold label:

1,000\cdot \$2.75=\$2,750.

2. From the table

\begin{array}{ccc}&\text{Number of bottles sold}&\text{Average profit (per bottle)}\\\text{Black label}&2,000&\$1.50\end{array}

you can find the profits generated by the sales of black label:

2,000\cdot \$1.50=\$3,000.

In total


Answer: correct option 5

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