Identify and describe a rite of passage in your culture.

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Shinto includes some rites of passage. What are some rites of passage that you may find in your culture or religion? Describe a rite of passage that happens in your nation, culture, or religion.


Hatsumiyamarai: This is the first shrine visit for a baby.  It's held on the 32nd day after a boys birth, and on the 33rd day after a girls birth.  The baby will become protected by the Kami for the rest of its life

Shichigosan:On this day, parents take their kids to a shrine.  The kids then worship the Kami and wish for a bright future

Marriage: Traditional Shinto weddings have been less popular in recent years.  Only a handful of people still follow the Shinto- style wedding.  Generally, family and friends attend the wedding, and many wear white.  The bride and groom purify themselves, pray, exchange rings and give words of commitment.  

Death: Death is viewed as impure, thus cemeteries are not built near shrines.  Cremation is common and funerals generally follow that of a Buddhist funeral.

Notes: For example. My rite of passage would be getting married and haveing kids.

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