Techniques used to rank individuals according to social class are

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Techniques used to rank individuals according to social class are a. reputational. c. objective. b. subjective. d. all of the above Please select the best answer from the choices provided A B C D


The techniques that are used to rank individuals according to social class are reputational. People in the community are asked to rank other people based on what they know about their character and lifestyle.

What is social class?

The terms "social class" and "SES" are frequently interchanged by the general public and sociologists alike. That is what it implies most of the time when one hear it.

However, in a technical sense, social class refers to attributes that are less likely to change, or that are more difficult to alter, than one's economic standing, which can vary over time.

Thus, option A, reputational is correct as this techniques is used to rank social class.

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