If fertilization occurs which layer does the egg burrow into

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If fertilization occurs which layer does the egg burrow into



According to the research, the correct option is c, If fertilization occurs the egg burrows into endometium.

What is endometium?

It is the tissue that covers or upholsters the uterine cavity whose function is to receive the fertilized egg when pregnancy occurs, that is, it allows the implantation of a fertilized egg, which will later transform into a new being.

For the endometrium to carry out its function, it has to undergo a series of morphological and functional modifications linked to the secretion of hormones by the ovaries so that at the time of greatest receptivity, the endometrium has the thickness and the nutrients necessary for a correct interaction with the embryo.

Therefore, we can conclude that according to the research, the correct option is c, If fertilization occurs the egg burrows into endometium.

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