Which structure is highlighted and indicated by the leader line

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Which structure is highlighted and indicated by the leader line?


The highlighted  structure  is glomerulus and glomerular capsule .

What is glomerular capsule?

The glomerulus is covered by a two-layered pouche known as bowman's capsule and the space in between both the walls of the capsule is called bowman's space. Bowman's capsule is also known as malphigian capsule.

The glomerular capsules are located in the outer part of the kidney, known as the cortes. The main function of glomerulus capsule is to filter plasma that lead to a production of glomerular filtrate.

The glomerular capsule contain a cluster of microscopic blood vasle and capillaries known as glomerulus were waste product are filterd from the blood. The space in between both the walls of the capsule is called bowman's space. Bowman's capsule is also known as malphigian capsule.

Therefore, the highlighted structure represents glomerulus and glomerular capsule .

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