What is the difference between a lake and a pond

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What is the difference between a lake and a pond? a. A pond is smaller in size and does not have a temperature gradient. b. A pond is smaller in size and has a temperature gradient. c. A pond is larger in size and does not have a temperature gradient. d. A pond is larger in size and has a temperature gradient.



I think the answer is A.


Ponds and lakes are both inland bodies of freshwater that contain living creatures. Lakes are normally much deeper than ponds and have a larger surface area. ... All the water in a pond is in the photic zone, meaning ponds are shallow enough to allow sunlight to reach the bottom.

  The yearly process known as thermal stratification. A pond that is thermally stratified simply means that there is a noticeable temperature gradient as the water gets deeper. You may have noticed this in summer while swimming.

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