Evidence-based management focuses on bringing _____ to the decision process.

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Juuls use of evidence-based decision making is most evident in which of the following actions?


The sending of scientific studies to the FDA is an action that illustrates that Juuls uses a evidence-based decision making

What is an evidence-based decision making?

These are decision-making that is made on available evidence to facilitate proper decisions in a firm, project etc

The decision involves an application of empirical knowledge and principles to justify a decisions made at the case, agency, system level.

Therefore, the Option C is correct.

Missing question "The FDA will release its decision in 2021, but some experts, including former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb, believe Juul’s application is dead on arrival. “It’s very clear that Juul can’t keep their products out of the hands of kids. It could be that this product can’t exist on the market anymore,” says Gottlieb."

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