Which in text citation is formatted correctly in mla style

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which in-text citation is formatted correctly in mla style? odysseus and his men “slept again above the wash of ripples.(homer 68).” odysseus and his men, “slept again above the wash of ripples.(homer 68)” odysseus and his men, “slept again above the wash of ripples.” homer (68) odysseus and his men “slept again above the wash of ripples” (homer 68).


The in-text citation that is formatted correctly in MLA style is: odysseus and his men “slept again above the wash of ripples” (homer 68)., that is to say the last option.

MLA style is generally used in papers to cite information taken from other sources. In other words, it is used to give credit to other authors for their ideas and, in that way, to avoid committing plagiarism. MLA format consists in putting the information taken from another source inside the quotation marks and including the name of the author and the page number inside the parentheses but outside the quotation marks. Moreover, no period should be included after the last word inside the quotation marks. The period must be included after the parentheses. For that reason, the last option is the correct one.

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