During meiosis i the sister kinetochores are attached to ______.

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In meiosis, sister kinetochores are attached to the same pole of the cell during meiosis I, and sister chromatid cohesion is released during anaphase II. What would be the likely result if sister kinetochores were attached to different poles of the cell during meiosis I and sister chromatid cohesion was released during anaphase I



sister chromatids would migrate to opposite poles in anaphase I


Kinetochores are multiprotein structures that establish the attachment of spindle microtubules to the chromatids during cell division (either mitosis or meiosis). Sister chromatid cohesion at the centromeres refers to the mechanism by which sister chromatids are paired and held together during meiosis I. This process (sister chromatid cohesion) is fundamental to ensure the correct orientation of chromatids on the spindle microtubules and their subsequent segregation in meiosis II. The fusion of sister kinetochores in meiosis I underlies sister chromatid cohesion during this stage of the cell division, thereby their disruption or destruction of sister chromatid cohesion would lead to separation and segregation of sister chromatids to opposite poles of the cell in anaphase I.

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