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2 - Los anunciosFill in the blanks Activity InstructionsRewrite the statements using impersonal constructions with se. February 05 11:59 PM 1 attempt remaining Grade settings External referencesGrammar presentation Modelo No puedes pescar. No se puede pescar.



The statements we have to rewrite are:

Está prohibido fumar - Se prohíbe fumar

Vendemos periódicos - Se venden periódicos

Hablamos español - Se habla Español

Necesitamos enfermeras -  Se necesitan enfermeras

No debes nadar - No se debe nadar

Estamos buscando un auto usado - Se busca un auto usado


Impersonal constructions with "se" don’t reference a specific person, but are used to make general observations about what people do. In impersonal statements there is no obvious grammatical subject, which is what makes them impersonal. In impersonal "se" constructions, verbs are always conjugated in the third person singular. You can use impersonal expressions to talk about how things are done according to custom, rule, or general consensus.

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How do helpful variations accumulate in a species over time

Answer:The correct answer is option b. "Helpful variations accumulate among surviving members of the species".Explanation:Natural selection is the most accepted theory of evolution, described by …

How to use substitution to solve a system of equations

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I think it is 20 but i could be wrong

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