An ad agency creates two ads for a particular car

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An ad agency creates two ads for a particular car. One stresses the car's safety and gas mileage; the other simply shows how fun it is to drive. The first ad relies on the _____ route to persuasion; the second, on the _____ route.


The first ad relies on the Central route to persuasion; the second, on the Peripheral route .


Advertising is a payment of the messages sent by those who send them to notify or affect the recipients, as defined by the British Advertising Association.

The central route to convincing takes place when the substance of a message persuades a person. The peripheral way to persuade takes place when a person is convinced by something other than the content of the post.

The peripheral route often occurs if a listener is convinced that there are many points in a text— but there is no ability or incentive to care about each one individually. In other terms, secondary data such as the identity of the source (credibility) or many claims in a single message is shortcut.

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