When looking for pre-approval on a car loan you should...

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When looking for pre-approval on a car loan you should NOT...


When looking for pre-approval on a car loan you should NOT get a loan from the car dealer directly to keep things simple.

Pre-approval occur when the lender has check or go through all the report of your credit so as to know the amount he or she will likely lend you as well as the interest rate.

Pre-approval tend to give the  borrower the assurance that he or she will be given the car loan by the lender.

It is important that you compare the pre-approval offers given to you so as to choose or select the offer that is best for you and you should avoid getting the car loan directly from the car dealer, ensure that you follow the due process.

Inconclusion when looking for pre-approval on a car loan you should NOT get a loan from the car dealer directly to keep things simple.

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