Which of the following demonstrates a leader's commitment to duty

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Which of the following demonstrates a leader's commitment to duty? A. Developing subordinates for the future. B. Stepping out of a tactical role to assume a leadership role when needed. C. Ensuring tasks are understood. D. All of the above.


A leader is bound to perform many duties. All the options mentioned above demonstrate a leader's commitment to the duties that a leader performs.

What are the duties of a leader?

A leader is such a person who has builds, plans, organizes, directs and co-ordinates along with his team to accomplish goals and achieve the desired results.

A leader is a superior authority, but he takes care of subordinates to prepare them to take over the responsibilities in the future. A leader will also take the charge when he or she deems fit.

A leader has to make sure that each and every subordinate is aware of the tasks being assigned to them and how will they co-ordinate on such tasks to achieve their goals.

Hence, the option D; all the duties as aforementioned above demonstrate the commitment of a leader towards his duties.

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