The lytic cycle of bacteriophage infection ends with the _____.

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The lytic cycle of bacteriophage infection ends with the _____.

a. replication of viral DNA.
b. entry of the phage protein coat into the host cell.
c. assembly of viral particles into phages.
d. the injection of phage DNA into a bacterium.
e. rupture of the bacterium.



The correct answer is- e. rupture of the bacterium.


There are two cycles in viral reproduction that is lysogenic and lytic cycle. In the lysogenic cycle, the bacterial genetic material gets incorporated in the bacterial genome and replicates its genome with the host genome.

In the lytic cycle, the genetic material of virus transcribes and produces capsid proteins by using host molecular machinery. Then the capsid protein joins around the viral genetic material and new phage particles are produced.

The lytic cycle ends when these new phage particles released out of the cell by rupturing the cell membrane and cell wall of bacteria. Then these new phages infect new cells.

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