Southerners reacted to the raid at harpers ferry by ______.

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Which of the following best describes the events that took place

after the failed rebellion at Harper's Ferry?
Select all that apply.
A-Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas condemned the violence
B-more and more Southerns saw leaving the Union as their only
option to maintain slavery
C-prominent Southerners started to have discussions about abolishing slavery
D-abolitionists viewed Brown as a martyr and rang church bells
after his execution



The following events best describe after the failed rebellion at Harper's Ferry:

A-Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas condemned the violence

B-more and more Southerners saw leaving the Union as their only

option to maintain slavery

D-abolitionists viewed Brown as a martyr and rang church bells

after his execution


John Brown and his men raided Harper Ferry in 1859 in an attempt to seize some federal armory with which they intended to fight for the abolition of slavery in the South of USA.  This raid was a precursor to the Civil War.  But it was a failed attempt.  With this failed attempt in which many people lost their lives, John Brown was arrested, condemned to death, and executed.  Fortunately, six years after this unfortunate but brave incident involuntary slavery was officially and legally abolished by President Abraham Lincoln with the January 1, 1865 Emancipation Proclamation.

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