Explain why it is not possible to change hereditary conditions.

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Explain why it is not possible to change hereditary conditions


Answer and Explanation: Before answering your question, let me explain to you what actually heredity is. Newborn babies inherit some traits from their parents both from mother and father in form of chromosomes, which is present in the nucleus of human cell. Human has 46 chromosomes in total in form of 23 pairs. When a baby is made he get 23 chromosomes from each parents thus, inheriting their traits through chromosomes. These traits lie on the surface of chromosomes as a functional unit called Genes. It is made up of DNA which we referred to as the genetic material of human being. Now, you can see how complicated this loop is and this loop is part of each and every cell of your body and you have millions and trillions of cell in your body,because you cannot get rid of your DNA which means cannot take out the heredity from within your body. You always get the traits you receive from your parents and you cannot change those traits. Hereditary conditions include some of genetic diseases we receive either from our parents through chromosomes or those diseases are caused because of mutation of genes which is kind of problem in your genes. Because you cannot replace all this system, thus you cannot take out hereditary condition out of your body.

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