Some parents homeschool their children for ideological or religious reasons.

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Some parents homeschool their children for ideological or religious reasons.


Egenuity said that was true ^-^

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Which is an equivalent equation solved for the slope m

Answer:The equivalent equation solved for the slope, m is: Step-by-step explanation:We know that the general equation of a line in slope-intercept form is given by …

The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are subdivisions of the

Answer:autonomic nervous system (ANS)Explanation:The Autonomic Nervous System (SNA) is the part of the nervous system that controls and regulates internal organs such as the heart, …

What happened to the snowman during the heatwave answers key

The worksheet is an illustration of algebra. Algebra uses symbols (i.e. variables) and mathematical operations for its operations.The text from the results of the expressions …

Which of the following statements about rural communities is true

“Rural communities were built based on the location of available resources” is true. Rural communities are often farm lands. However, arural community can also be …

Air pressure may be represented as a function of height

The equation that will find the height at which air pressure is 65% of the air pressure at sea level is and this can be …

By definition what is art what do you consider art

Answer:Everything who make you feel somethingExplanation:Art is science too, a style who plays with the perspective of the viewers. Involve emotions and feelings, the work …

According to tyson what idea occupied human fantasies for millennia

Answer:For millennia the idea of being able to fly preoccupied human dreams and fantasies. Waddling around on Earth's surface as majestic birds flew overhead, perhaps …

Bleak setting in the fall of the house of usher

Answer: A) The bleak and dark setting of the story provides the backdrop for the macabre events.Edgar Allan Poe is particularly famous and celebrated because …

Triangle congruence sss sas asa aas hl worksheet answer key

Answer:1. ASA2.SSS3. AAS4. HL5. it cannot be proven congruent (not satisfy any criteria)6. ASA (the top angle of each triangle are congruent)7. SAS8. SSS9. HL10. …

Predict the bond angles about the central atom in h2s

Answer:CF4Molecular geometry- tetrahedralElectron geometry- tetrahedralNF3-molecular geometry - trigonal pyramidalElectron geometry - tetrahedralOF2 Molecular geometry - bentMolecular geometry - tetrahedralH2SMolecular geometry- bentElectron geometry - tetrahedralExplanation:According to …

What isotope remains after the alpha decay of uranium 238

Answers: thorium-234 Explaination:Isotopes are defined as the variants of a particular chemical element obtained by radioactive decay which makes it differ in neutron number and …

How did the warren court bring about vast social change

It expanded Civil rights and civil liberties in important ways, helping make American society what it is now regarding civil rights

What does the folding of the mitochondrial inner membrane provide

Answer:It allows for an increased exposed surface area and hence a faster rate of reaction between the reacting agents and the organelles.Explanation:Chemical reaction is dependent …

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Well their are 7.62 billion people on the world. It would be 5%

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The main reason Thomas Paine published Common Sense was to persuade colonists that the colonies should become independent. Option C.Common Sense[was a pamphlet that Thomas …