Reviewers have a responsibility to promote ethical peer review by:

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Reviewers have a responsibility to promote ethical peer review by: Using the information contained in a reviewed manuscript to further their own research. Seeking the help of others in the research team to perform the review. Preserving the confidentiality of the submission. Revealing their identity to the authors of the manuscript or grant propos



During the review process of a manuscript, reviewers seek help of others in the research team to perform the review.


In a quality research work after writing a manuscript you have to submit it to a peer reviewed journal where it will go through some modification. Following processes are followed:

  • After submitting research paper you will get a receive id with date from publishing organization.
  • Then they will ask you to recommend two researcher's name and communication address from your research domain and two more person will be chosen by them for review process.
  • Thereafter, your manuscript will be forwarded to those person by maintaining secrecy (your name , institution's name etc. will not be disclosed to the reviewers).
  • They will take 7-8 days for completing the whole process and then your manuscript will come back to you for further final corrections.
  • Lastly, after final modification it will get published in peer reviewed journal.

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