Write a loop that prints each countrys population in country_pop.

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Write a loop that prints each country's population in country_pop. Sample output with input: 'China:1365830000,India:1247220000,United States:318463000,Indonesia:252164800': United States has 318463000 people. India has 1247220000 people. Indonesia has 252164800 people. China has 1365830000 people.



The correct code is for country,pop in country_pop.items():  

   print(country, 'has', pop, 'people.')


country_pop={"United States": 318463000, "India" : 1247220000, "Indonesia" : 25216480, "China": 1365830000 }

for key value in country_pop.items(): print(key +" has "+ str(value) +" people.")

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