What is the valley of ashes in the great gatsby

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THE GREAT GATSBY Chapter 2: Valley of Ashes KEY QUESTION: How does Fitzgerald create the dreary and depressing mood of Chapter 2’s introduction to the Valley of Ashes? Analyze Fitzgerald’s word choice by citing and explaining the strongest pieces of textual evidence that contribute to this mood. TEXTUAL EVIDENCE How does it contribute to the mood? Type here. Type here. Type here. Type here. Type here. Type here. Why is it fitting that the train always halts in the Valley of Ashes? Why is it fitting that this setting is where Nick meets Tom’s mistress, Myrtle? Explain. Type here. What might the eyes of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg represent? Explain using textual evidence. Type here.


In Chapter 2 of "The Great Gatsby," F. Scott Fitzgerald creates a dreary and depressing mood with vivid pictures in words that capture the rundown nature of the Valley of Ashes. This state of affairs does not afflict only the Valley as a place, the people who live in the Valley share in its dilapidated state.

2. Ashes represent the decays found around some dumpsites. By choosing to locate the Valley of Ashes in-between the West Egg and the East Egg, Fitzgerald shows that the place has lost its glory or is badly affected by the two surrounding affluent towns.

In the Valley of Ashes, Fitzgerald makes ashes grow up like wheat to cover the houses and men that live there.  They cannot help themselves and lack the required spirit to renew the Valley. For instance, Wilson is dispirited and described as 'spiritless' and 'useless' by the manner he carries about his trade and living in the Valley of Ashes, with his wife acting as Tom's mistress.

3. Given the position of the Valley of Ashes, it has customarily become a train stop. Those who live in this Valley are the workers whose sweat and blood have transformed the West Egg and the East Egg. Those who live in this Valley cannot renew their Valley because the rich always treat the poor with total disdain and contempt. The poor workers receive non-living wages from their affluent employers to keep them in the Valley of Ashes.

4. Nick should meet Tom's mistress, Myrtle, at the Valley of Ashes because Tom wants him to see where his mistress lives with her poor husband and the reason he extends some warped kindness to Myrtle.

Most of the call girls and women that massage the sexual ego of the wealthy and sensual men in the West Egg and East Egg always come from the Valley of Ashes. The men are always interested in their bodies without a thought for their living environment. On the part of the women, they desperately want to move up to their dream world, if only momentarily.  They always return to the Valley at the end of the day.

5. The eyes of Doctor T.J. Eckleburg on the billboard everlastingly overlook the Valley of Ashes to depict the watchfulness of God over a part of his creations that have suffered injustice.

Thus, Fitzgerald's Valley of Ashes eloquently teaches that the living conditions of the poor among us should not be left to bear the brunt of urbanization because there lies the engine house of our economy and pleasure.

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