Which plane divides the body into right and left halves

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Which of the following planes divides the body into two equal right and left halves?



The plane divides the body into two equal right and left halves is Sagittal plane.

The human body has 3 different planes that are:

  • Sagittal plane: It is the plane that divides the human body into the right and left half. In this plane, the movements that we can observe from the profile perspective are carried out.
  • Frontal plane: It is the plane that divides the body in the part of the anterior and posterior half. We can find the movements from a face or back perspective.
  • Transverse plane: It is the plane that divides the body into the superior and inferior half. Movements can be performed from an up or down perspective.

According to the above, the correct answer is A because this is the plane that divides the body into two equal sides that are left and right.

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