Fines and jail time occasionally for information security failures are

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Fines and jail time (occasionally) for information security failures are:

a. Generally, only applicable when a person or organization violates federal laws.
b. Generally, only applied for serious, deliberate misuse, where someone intentionally accesses data in order to do harm or for personal gain.
c. Generally, very small in quantity and almost never applied.
d. Generally, only applicable when a person or organization violates state laws.



The correct answer is b. Generally, only applied for serious, deliberate misuse, where someone intentionally accesses data in order to do harm or for personal gain.


Computer crime, cybercrime or cybercrime is all that unlawful action that is performed in the digital environment, digital space or internet. Given the widespread use and use of new technologies in all spheres of life (economy, culture, industry, science, education, information, communication, etc.) and the increasing number of users, a consequence of the digital globalization of society, the Crime has also expanded to that dimension. Thanks to anonymity and personal information stored in the digital environment, criminals have broadened their scope and crimes and security threats have increased exponentially.

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