Where was the landscape with the fall of icarus painted

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Brueghel's painting "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus" focuses on one specific part of the myth "The Story of Daedalus and Icarus" by Ovid. Describe the portion of the myth that the painting illustrates. Then imagine that the painting also included Daedalus's response to Icarus falling into the sea. Explain how the tone of the painting would change if Daedalus's response was shown. Be sure to use specific details from the painting and the myth to support your ideas.


Answer:"Landscape with the fall of Icarus" touches upon the Greek myth of the catastrophe about Icarus. Similarly, as we know, as stated by Ovid Furthermore Apollodorus, Icarus, a child about Daedalus, took flight from detainment wearing those delicate wings as much father tan required formed for him. Imprudent of as much father's cautioning with keeping a center span over the ocean and dodge closeness for that sun, the taking off kid elatedly flew a really near those smoldering sun, which liquefied as many wings in this way that Icarus hurtled of the ocean and passing. Those passing of Icarus, the artist recounts us "As stated by Brueghel," occurred for spring at the quite a while might have been rising altogether its display. That incongruity of the passing of Icarus, who need continuously been an image for those poet's upward flight that finishes clinched alongside tragedy, will be that as much demise dives unnoticed in the spring--a negligible sprinkle in the ocean. The dread of constantly on poets--that their death will try "quite unnoticed"--is an old What's more pervasive topic. That Williams reiterates those subjects will be critical in the term of an artist who generally felt the globe required never completely distinguished as many accomplishments.  

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