Which of the following is legal when operating a pwc

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In Florida, which of the following is one

of the legal requirements while operating
a PWC?
attach the engine cut-off lanyard
attach a survival knife
have a driver's license
have a trained observer onboard


In Florida, it is necessary to C. have a driver's license while operating a PWC.

A personal watercraft (PWC) is a machine propelled by a jet drive and operated on water for fun. Just like in every other vessel, it is required that drivers of the PWC should have a driver's license. Also, the legal age to rent a PWC is 18.

In Florida, a boater safety course and photo identification are required of every PWC user operating a 10 horsepower vessel. It is also a violation of the law in Florida for PWC users 21 years and younger to be found with a measurable alcohol breath level of 0.02.

In conclusion, it is a legal requirement for PWC users to have a driver's license in Florida.

Learn more about personal watercraft here:


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