What fictional character depicted women in the workforce during wwii

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Select the correct answer from the drop-down menu. What sentence should be added to paragraph 2 to best develop the author’s thesis? Rosie the Riveter With her iconic blue shirt, flexed arm muscle, red bandanna, and "We Can Do it" slogan often emblazoned above her head, Rosie the Riveter has been a symbol of women's rights for decades. Originally created during World War II, the fictional character of Rosie the Riveter was based on several real-life women who worked in industrial jobs around country. The idea behind creating Rosie the Riveter was to encourage women to work in factory jobs while men fought in World War II. After World War II, the image of Rosie has gone on to mean much more. The ad campaign with Rosie the Riveter was commissioned by the War Manpower Commission and the Office of War Information as part a nationwide campaign to recruit women into the labor force. The campaign included images that featured Rosie through the popular media of the time: movies, newspapers, posters, photographs and articles. The image reached its full icon status when the popular artist Norman Rockwell depicted Rosie the Riveter for the cover of The Saturday Evening Post. The image portrays a muscular woman wearing overalls, goggles, pins of honor on her lapel, and rolled-up sleeves. Though the many women who joined the workforce during World War II eventually returned home after the war, the image of Rosie the Riveter has resurfaced in recent years as a symbol for people advocating for women's rights in all contexts. Many people are drawn to the strength and possibility embodied by the figure of Rosie. Popular celebrities even don the apparel of Rosie as a nod to this figure of female empowerment.


The sentence that should be added to the paragraph second is, to many, the magazine cover showed a hopeful American spirit and fostered the belief that women could do male-dominated jobs.

Rosie the Riveter

  • Rosie the Riveter was an iconic star of the campaigns that motivate the females to work in defense during World War II.

  • It was a poster of a woman showing her muscles, motivating other women to join in world war second.

Thus, the correct option is the magazine cover inspired many people by depicting an optimistic American attitude and encouraging them to believe that women could handle male-dominated jobs.

Learn more about Rosie the Riveter, here:


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