File compression is useful for _____. select all that apply.

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Which of the following are input devices? Check all that apply.


Keyboard, mouse, and scanner are examples of input devices.

Input and output devices are those devices that are used in computer systems or computing. These devices become the medium through which information between an information processing system like computers and the outside world or another system.

  • As the name suggests, input devices are the devices used to 'provide' information to a computer, transforming images, words, or actions to be usable by the computer system.
  • On the other hand, an output device does the opposite of an input device.
  • Examples of the input devices include mouse, keyboard, scanner, microphones, camera, etc. while output devices include printers, speakers, monitors, headphones, etc.

The various devices can be used for different means. And based on their use, input, as well as an output device, can be labeled accordingly. Examples of an input device among the given options are keyboard, mouse, and scanner.  

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