How do you remove the background of an inserted image

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How do you remove the background of an inserted image.


To remove the background of an image, which is inserted in a software or program, select background removal from picture format tab.

How to remove the background of an inserted image?

The background of an inserted image needs to be changed in order to replace it or make it clear. The steps to remove the background of an inserted image are listed below.

  • Step 1- First of all choose the image whose background has to be change.
  • Step 2-Go to the format of picture format tab.
  • Step 3-Click on the remove background.
  • Step 4- Now the area which is marked with different color than the original picture has been selected. One can change the area of removal according to the requirement.
  • Step 5- Click on Keep change tab or right mark arrow to remove the background.

Hence, to remove the background of an image, which is inserted in a software or program, select background removal from picture format tab.

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