How did the ottoman empire change the city of constantinople

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How did the Ottoman Empire change the city of Constantinople? The Empire changed the city’s name to Istanbul, made it an academic center, and burned all churches to the ground. The Empire changed the city’s name to Mecca, made it an academic center, and converted an important church into a mosque. The Empire changed the city’s name to Mecca, made it the capital, and turned an important church into the Taj Mahal. The Empire changed the city’s name to Istanbul, made it the capital, and turned an important church into a mosque.


The Ottoman Empire changed the city of Constantinople by changing the city's name to Istanbul, made it the capital, and turned an important church into a mosque. Therefore, the option D holds true.

What is the significance of the Ottoman Empire?

The Ottoman Empire was an influential empire that had its significance over the middle-eastern part of the world, which began in the 14th century. The Ottoman Empire was established after the end of the Byzantine Empire in this part of the world.

After gaining the empire from the Christian rulers, the people in Ottoman Empire were Islamic people in majority. As a result, the city of Istanbul was renamed from its original name of Constantinople. It was the capital of the empire.

The city of Constantinople after being under the reign of the Ottoman Empire became famous as one of the most beautifully created cities of the world. It was known for its exquisite architecture in structures like mosque and other buildings of public administration.

Hence, option D holds true regarding the significance of the Ottoman Empire.

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