Thomas bouchard's research on identical twins reared apart revealed that

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Thomas Bouchard's research on identical twins reared apart revealed that: A. despite being reared differently, they're often strikingly alike. B. because they were reared differently, they were strikingly different. C. the circumstances of their rearing were strikingly alike. D. identical twins and fraternal twins are strikingly alike.



The correct answer would be option A) Despite being reared differently, they're often strikingly alike.


Even when identical twins are separated at birth they will still share the same DNA code and genes, which makes their similarities (attitude, personality, interests, etc) remain.

Thomas Bouchard came up to this conclusion in 1979 after studying several cases of twin separation and dissimila breeding.

Nowadays, psychologists use the term <Adoption Strategy> to refer to this particular kind of study.

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