Which of the following is not on the permit test

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19. Which of the following is NOT on the permit test:

A. (1. Knowledge of basic Vehicle Code laws
B. Sharing the road with other vehicles
c. O Understanding Signs
D. 0 Commercial License requirements



Commercial License requirements is not a permit test


The Permit test, which is otherwise called the DMV test, is required by the Florida DMV to get your students to allow or your first driver's permit. The test is commonly taken by youngsters getting their primary drivers to permit in Florida. What's more, you can't step through this Exam on the web on the off chance that you are 18 years of age or more seasoned.

The Online Permit Exam is a planned trial of 50 inquiries. When you start, you are given an hour to finish the test. You should complete the Permit Test in one session - you cannot log out or delay the trial.

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Aerophones I think.oh well brainly want me to type more.

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