The preganglionic sympathetic neuron cell bodies are housed in the

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The sympathetic preganglionic neuron cell bodies are housed in the _______ horn of the appropriate thoracolumbar regions of the spinal cord.



The correct answer is "lateral horns of the T1L2 segments of the spinal cord".


The missing options of this question are:

A. anterior columns of the spinal cord.

B. posterior columns of the spinal cord.

C. sympathetic trunk.

D. lateral horns of the T1L2 segments of the spinal cord.

E. paravertebral ganglia.

The correct answer is option D. "lateral horns of the T1L2 segments of the spinal cord".

The cell bodies of the sympathetic preganglionic are located in the visceral efferent column of the spinal cord, which is also known as the lateral horns of the spinal cord. Since the cell bodies belong to preganglionic nerve fibers, they are always located close to the spinal cord. On the other hand, parasympathetic ganglia are often not located within the spinal cord, and act separate from the autonomic nervous system.

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