Conducir means: to write to drive to escape to comment

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Conducir meansO to writeO to driveO to escapeO to comment​


Conductor means to drive

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Answer:D. a competition.Explanation:A contest for an honor or an award is called a competition. The competition most times appears to be a thing not multiple …

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LCM of x+5 and x is x(x+5)multiplying each term by x(x+5) gives us the numerator:-= 3x^2 - (x-5)(x+5)= 3x^2 - (x^2 - 25) = 2x^2 …

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The land area that supplies water to a river system

A watershed supplies water to a river system.

What was the purpose of the movie duck and cover

Answer: im sure C. is the answer

Two birds sit at the top of two different trees

If the first bird is on top of the bird watcher and the height of the tree is the same, then we form a right …

Which statement describes enslaved persons in ancient rome and greece

CHOICES: enslaved persons were enslaved for life. enslaved persons were defined by their race. enslaved persons were like indentured servants. enslaved persons were often foreigners.ENSLAVED …

Which of these is an example of a literal equation

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