A general set of assumptions about the nature of things

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A general set of assumptions about the nature of things is?

a) latent function
b) theoretical perspective
c) dysfunctional
d) ideal type
Social Darwinism
e) functionalist perspective
f) manifest function


The answer is B. A general set of assumptions about the nature of things is a theoretical perspective.

In sociology, a theoretical prespective is a set of assumptions that help formulate questions and search for the answers. It can be seen as a lense or a frame from which we observe the reality, in this sense, a theoretical perspective will include some aspectse of reality but leave others out.

There are different theoretical perspectives about the nature of social life, two of the most known ones are the macro and micro level perspectives. The macro-level perspective is a set of theories that focus on society at a large scale, patterns and trends and the micro-level perspective focuses on relationships between individuals or small groups.

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