Members should use the aicpa conceptual framework for independence to

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Members should use the AICPA conceptual framework for independence to:

a) come to different conclusions than the interpretations of the code of professional conduct.
b) Evaluate independence matters not addressed in the code of professional conduct.
c) understand the rules on the confidential client information and acts discreditable to the profession.
d) more easily interpret conflicts of interest and subordination of judgement by a member.


Option C is the correct answer. The AICPA's conceptual framework for independence is utilized or used to assess any challenges to members' independence.

Litigation, adverse interest between or among the CPA firm and the client, self-interest, familiarity outcoming in a financial benefit result to the CPA firm, CPA firm owning stock in the client's firm, and so on are all examples of threats

In the new AICPA Code, two conceptual frameworks;

  • One for participants in public accounting

  • One for participants in the sector reflects a significant change in substance.

The conceptual framework strategy is one manner in which warnings to completely comply with rules originating from a specific link or condition that are not covered by the code can be;

  • Discovered

  • Assessed

  • Resolved

Therefore, Option C) "Understand the rules of confidential client information and professional misconduct." is the correct answer. 

To know more about these frameworks, click below:

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