Which of the following is not a rotator cuff muscle

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The rotator cuff consists of several muscles, which of the following is NOT one of them?

a. Supraspinatus
b. Infraspinatus
c. Teres Major
d. Teres Minor
e. Scapularis



The correct option is : c. Teres Major


Rotator cuff muscle is the group of muscles and their tendons present in the shoulder. The function of rotator cuff muscle is to stabilize the shoulder, by keeping the ball of the humerus bone in the socket of the shoulder.

The four rotator cuff muscles and their functions-

  1. Supraspinatus muscle: abduction of humerus
  2. Infraspinatus muscle: external rotation of humerus
  3. Teres minor muscle: external rotation of humerus
  4. Subscapularis muscle: internal rotation of humerus

Therefore, the rotator cuff muscle does not contain the teres major muscle.

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