What happens due to coral reef damage by el niño

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What happens due to coral reef damage by El Niño? a. The ocean water gets warmer. b. Fish that depend on the reef die. c. The ocean water gets cooler. d. The reef supports more diversity of life.


Ans. (b). Fish that depend on the reef die.

Coral reefs can be defined as underwater ecosystems, made by reef-building marine organisms, known as corals. Coral reefs provide home and shelter for about 25% of all marine organisms, including worms, fishes, cnidarians, mollusks, and sponges.

They provide some nutrients to the ocean and flourish its flora and fauna. One of the consequences due to coral reef damage is extinction of marine organisms, such as fishes that depend on coral reefs for their food and shelter.

Thus, the correct answer is option (b).

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Answer:23 is the right answer hope it's helps you

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