What is the difference between a detritivore and a decomposer

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What is the difference between a detritivore and a decomposer?

A.While detritivores consume animals, decomposers only consume plants.
B. While detritivores feed on dead organic matter, decomposers actually break down dead or decaying organisms.
C. While detritivores consume both plants and animals, decomposers only consume dead animals.
D. While detritivores are heterotrophic, decomposers are autotrophic.


What are detrivores?

Detritivores are organisms that feed on the organic waste of dead plants and animals

What are decomposers?

Decomposers are organisms that break down dead or decaying organisms; they carry out decomposition, a process possible by only certain kingdoms, such as fungi. Decomposers are the organisms that decompose dead plants and animals.

Difference between detrivores and decomposers

Option C is the the correct answer

While detritivores consume both plants and animals, decomposers only consume dead animals.

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