What is the relationship between a polymer and a monomer

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Which describes the relationship between a monomer and a polymer?

A monomer is a type of polymer made of only one element.
A collection of monomers combines to form a polymer.
A substitution reaction changes a monomer into a polymer.
A monomer is a type of polymer that forms from carbon chains.


Answer: A collection of monomers combines to form a polymer.


Polymer is a macromolecule formed by the combination of simpler units called as monomers.

Polymers are of two types:-

Addition polymers : A polymer in which small units called as monomers are simply joined to form a bigger molecule called as addition polymer.  Example:nCH_2=CH_2\rightarrow (-CH_2-CH_2)_n

Condensation polymers : A polymer in which small units called as monomers are joined along with release of small by products to form a bigger molecule called as condensation polymer.

nHOOC(CH_2)_4COOH+n2_HN-(CH_2)_6-NH_2\rightarrow -OC-(CH_2)_4-CO-NH-(CH_2)_6-NH-)_n+nH_2O

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