How can you protect yourself from internet hoaxes cyber awareness

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How can you protect yourself from internet hoaxes cyber awareness 2022.


There are a lot of fraudulent activates on online and it is very important to guide against them. There are strategies and online resources to help you identify and respond to a potential hoax.

  • First Identify that it is a hoax,
  • Note that Hoaxes often booms where they are spread quickly and without consideration.
  • If you notice or come in contact with a hoax through social media, the right thing to do thing to do is wait.
  • The police or the school one is attending should issue a warning on the story.

Hoaxes are very common in the internet. Even with the recent digital technology, social media etc, a lot of spread of misinformation is now been spread at a faster and broader rate.

It is important that we as individuals, Parents and teachers be aware of the possibility that there may be shocking news about children and to known that the internet could be a hoax.  

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