At the instant illustrated car b has a speed of

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Car B is rounding the curve with a constant speed of 54 km/h, and car A is approaching car B in the intersection with a constant speed of 72 km/h. The x-y axes are attached to car B. The distance separating the two cars at the instant depicted is 40 m. Determine:


This question is incomplete, the complete question is;

Car B is rounding the curve with a constant speed of 54 km/h, and car A is approaching car B in the intersection with a constant speed of 72 km/h. The x-y axes are attached to car B. The distance separating the two cars at the instant depicted is 40 m. Determine: the angular velocity of Bxy rotating frame (ω).


the angular velocity of Bxy rotating frame (ω) is 0.15 rad/s


Given the data in the question and image below and as illustrated in the second image;

distance S = 40 m

V_B = 54 km/hr

V_A = 72 km/hr

α = 100 m

now, angular velocity of Bxy will be;

ω_B = V_B / α

so, we substitute

ω_B = ( 54 × 1000/3600) / 100

ω_B = 15 / 100

ω_B = 0.15 rad/s

Therefore, the angular velocity of Bxy rotating frame (ω) is 0.15 rad/s

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