People began to study classical thought during the renaissance to

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People began to study classical thought during the Renaissance

WWW.better themselves.earn moneyimprove the Churchearn respect​


The statement in this question is incomplete; here is the complete question:

People began to study classical thought during the Renaissance  to:

A. better themselves.

B. earn money

C. improve the Church

D. earn respect​

The answer to this question is A. better themselves


During the Renaissance (century 14th to 17th) the focus was Humanism, along with the ideas, beliefs, techniques, philosophy, etc. of Ancient Civilizations, especially Ancient Rome and Greece. This is because scholars, artists, writers, etc. of this age believed through the value of the individual (Humanist's ideas), as well as, classical perspectives, they could improve or edify themselves. Moreover, improvement was achieved through education and learning in areas such as philosophy, art, and literature. Thus, the purpose people had during this period was to better themselves.

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