Where is the bread plate located in a formal setting

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Read the passage.

Setting a formal table involves completing a few basic steps. First, place the dinner plate in the center of each place setting. Then, put the soup bowl in the center of the plate. Place the knife to the right of the plate, and the soup spoon to the right of the knife. Place the dinner fork to the immediate left of the plate, followed by the salad fork. Put the dessert fork or spoon above the plate and pointing to the right. The bread plate and knife belong at the top left of the setting, and the water glass belongs at the top right. Fold the napkin in a double diamond, and place it in the soup bowl.Which paraphrase is most useful for understanding these instructions?A.The dinner plate determines where everything else belongs. B.Fold the napkin, and place it faceup in the center of the soup bowl. C.Make sure to arrange all silverware vertically and to place all forks to the left of the plate. D.The bread plate and the drinking glass are placed above the dinner plate on the left and right, respectively.​


The paraphrase that is most useful for understanding these instructions is D. The bread plate and the drinking glass are placed above the dinner plate on the left and right, respectively.

What is a paraphrase?

It should be noted that a paraphrase simply means writing in one's words without copying the work of another author.

In this case, the paraphrase that is most useful for understanding these instructions is that the bread plate and the drinking glass are placed above the dinner plate on the left and right, respectively.

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