An explosive volcanic eruption does not produce lava flows because

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An explosive volcanic eruption does not produce lava flows because Choose one: A. the lava produced cools too quickly due to the abundant water in the surrounding environment. B. the sudden release of accumulated gas pressure blasts the lava upward, forming pyroclastic debris. C. the gases below the surface rise and cause the magma to cool and solidify. D. the overriding plate at the subduction zone where the volcano formed is composed of oceanic lithosphere.



B. the sudden release of accumulated gas pressure blasts the lava upward, forming pyroclastic debris.


Lava flows occurs in non explosive eruptions. This is because it is favored by low gas and low viscosity which brings fire fountain when the gases dissolves. For explosive eruptions, the pressure blast the lava upwards forming debris instead. So when this happens, it sends ash, gas and magma high up into the atmosphere. These eruptions occurs when sufficient gas has dissolved under pressure within a viscous magma in such a way that the lava is expelled violently froths into volcanic ash when pressure is suddenly lowered at the vent.

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