What similarity between the two myths do these passages illustrate

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What similarity between the two myths do these passages illustrate? both cultures thought sunlight was important. both cultures thought courage was important. both cultures thought winning was important. both cultures thought nature was important


Below is the passage:

Once away from the Sky Chief, Raven released the Sun from its confinement. Light shone across the entire earth, illuminating mountains, rivers, and oceans. Raven no longer had to fly through the dark.

But in Raven's travels, he saw that there was no one to take care of the earth. He landed on a beach and stopped to think about how to solve this problem.

Read the passage from "The Maori: Genealogies and Origins in New Zealand."

In a rage, Tû opened his mouth and ate his brothers to punish them for their cowardice. Tû's descendants became the Mâori, the humans who are able to master anything that they decide to conquer: the forest, the sea, the food, and the earth. Only Tawhiri escapes Tû's wrath, and still today the Mâori battle against the hurricanes he sends from above.

The answer is 
Both cultures thought nature was important.

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