Providing law enforcement jobs is a positive function of deviance.

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Providing law enforcement jobs is a positive function of deviance.


The answer would be Yes or True.

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A kiddie roller coaster car has a mass 100 kilograms

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Which statement is true about a chemical reaction at equilibrium

The rates of the forward and reverse reactions must be equal for a chemical equilibrium to occur.What is Chemical Equilibrium?This occurs in a reversible chemical …

A chemical reaction is carried out in a closed container

The correct answer is 100 kJIn the definition of the law of conservation of energy, it says that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but …

Indicate whether each statement you hear is lógico or ilógico.

1. Lógico 2.lógico 3.ilógico4.ilógico5.lógico

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Where does growth in length occur in a long bone

Answer:epiphyseal plateExplanation:in a long bone, growth in length occurs in the epiphyseal plate.

Wind is caused mainly by air-pressure differences that result from

Wind is caused mainly by air pressure differences that result fromuneven heating of Earth's atmosphere