What is the difference between a compound and a molecule

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What is the primary difference between a molecule and a compound?

A. All molecules are compounds, but not all compounds are moleculesB. Molecules always contain only one type of atom, unlike compoundsC. Compounds must be composed of more than one type of atom​


The primary difference between a molecule and a compound is 'compounds must be composed of more than one type of atom​'.


  • A molecule is a group of atoms of the same or different types of atoms bound to each other.
  • Molecules are the smallest unit of a substance that possesses the characteristic of the substance.
  • A compound is a substance in which two or more different types of atoms are bound to each other.
  • In compounds, atoms of different elements are in a fixed proportion.

So, from this, we can conclude that the primary difference between a molecule and a compound is 'compounds must be composed of more than one type of atom​'.

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